Silent Printing
We here at Satshri understand the needs of customer and business where a precious amount of time is utilized in the printing of document. When the user have to deal with the printing dialog window and then select printers and other options, which gets worst when your business have lots of printing process. To overcome these issues we at Satshri developed a application which is capable of printing the documents silently in the background without invoking any dialog window, and prints the document silently in the background on just one click.

Features of Silent Printing Software

  • Prints the pdf document.
  • Prints the html page.
  • Silently print without displaying any print dialog.
  • Saves the valuable time.
  • Different printers can be assigned job based on the type of document and it is done intelligently by the software itself.
  • Development of Software

    • Software Developed in Java
    • Software Developed in .NET